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30th Annual ABC Desert Classic Ride is April 30, 2...
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As part of the many bicycling activities in April, once again, ABC is holding its 30th Annual Desert Classic Ride. You can find a link to the details of this ride at For the past several years, the Desert Foothills chapter has taken the lead on putting on this special event. The Desert Classic features some of the best riding in the Desert Foothills area. This year, I am hoping for a bigger turn-out than in past years and I am hoping that some of you will step up and volunteer to help. Of course you can also choose to support the club as a participant by registering for the ride at The Desert Classic will be the Desert Foothills chapter ride for April 30th. While I have several volunteers lined up already, there are a few important jobs left which need doing.

One task needs to be done ASAP. I am looking for someone who would be willing to visit several bike shops in the area to distribute flyers and posters promoting the event. I have already hit more than a half-dozen locations, but I could list at least a half-dozen more, to which I would like to get the word out.

I am also looking for someone to manage a SAG stop during the event. There will be four SAG stops, and I have volunteers committed for all but one of them. I'd like to find someone who is willing to run the SAG stop at the intersection of Deer Valley Rd and the CAP canal (west of Cave Creek Rd.) You would need to be at that location from about 8:00 AM until the last riders make it to that location. This SAG location is the only stop used by ALLTHE RIDERS. For all the routes (30, 45, 65, and 100 miles) this SAG stop is about a dozen miles from the end of the ride. Having at least two people to staff a SAG stop is ideal. Other volunteers will help you get set up and get food, water and supplies delivered to you. If you and a friend would like to slice bananas and encourage riders for their home-stretch, the club could use your help.

A third job I could use help with is to find someone to help me mark the route on Friday the 29th. I will be out spray painting fluorescent arrows on the pavement and it helps to have a driver. This job can be expected to take about 6 hours. Lunch is included and I'll provide the vehicle and petrol. Sorry, but doing it by bicycle isn't viable option.

Finally, I am also looking for someone to help with delivery and pick-up of SAG stop supplies. This is pretty much a full-day's effort on the day of the ride, but I am looking at opportunities to do some of the delivery during the week prior to the event. So, if you’re willing to help haul chairs, pop-ups, coolers, etc. it would be a huge help.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are willing to help the club put on this important event. Our recent Member Satisfaction survey indicates that many club members are concerned about the long-term viability of ABC. This ride, along with the Wickenburg and Grand Canyon overnighters and the McDowell Ride in November are among the most visible things the club does, aside from regular weekly chapter rides, so I think it is important to put on an organized and well staffed event. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Call me at 623-326-3455 or email me a Neill@AZBikeClub.ORG if you can be part of the team.

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