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Ragbria 2013
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I am planning on driving to Council Bluffs for the start of RAGBRAI XLI.  My departure date is somewhat flexible as is the return date.  I have a Ram 2500 crew cab with a fiberglass topper shell on the back.  I'm looking for riders that would like to help share expenses.  Round trip gas split between 4 people would be less than the airfare (not to mention the cost for the airline to ship your bike!). Anyone interested in a ride, please contact me (I can also put you in contact with the Pottawatamie Pedalers club for a charter - support truck for the week and return bus ride).
Also if some people are flying but would be interested in a cheaper way to ship their bike, get in touch with me and I'm sure we can work something out.
Dennis Martin
We've had some interest this year in Ragbria and guess what!
Neill and Kristi are going to go and join Linda's team and we are going to do it!
Anyone else want to join this epic ride!? 
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