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Q. Howdy, Just curious to find out if you can try a Sunday ride without joining first? I have not participated in this type of riding and just wanted to try it out. Mike S.

Frequently Asked Questions


A. Yes everyone is welcome on our rides. No you don't have to be a member. If you like what we're doing or have some new ideas, support us by joining and help us make it better. As a visitor your first ride with us you will be covered by our club insurance, on your second ride you are not covered on the insurance unless you become a member.

Q. Can you suggest routes for us to ride while we are biking in Arizona?

A. I am sorry but our limited staff of volunteers does not have the time to provide trip planning. There are some excellent books on the state. You may want to check the web site ABC Routes stored here


I am traveling to Phoenix can you help with my trip planning?
We are staffed by all volunteers so we can't make any guarantees, check out the calendar to see if there is a ride you want to join. We also store routes at this website routes . You can search by zip code.
Q: Hi, I have a rather random question for you. I have been searching for the answer online but have had no luck! I have a group of friends visiting this coming > weekend, the majority of which are


No they were not joking. A bicycle is a legal vehicle and bound by state law. The driver of a bicycle is responsible for its operation just like any other operator. Recently Paradise Valley was cracking down on bicyclists and was giving out speeding and stop sign running tickets. They stated that these tickets would count against your license and insurance. I don't think you'll have any problems just use a little common sense. See you on the road.