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Phoenix Political Pedal Power (P4)

A better way to enter So. Mountain Park.
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This morning, at the Mayor Stanton Coffee, with Councilman Johnson, I presented them with between 100 and 200 support petitions and signature cards for the Safe Entrance to South Mountain Park campaign.  Pictures of the event can bee seen at <>.  The cover letter for these items is:

                                                    March 29, 2012

Honorable Greg Stanton, Mayor                    Honorable Michael Johnson, Councilman

In response to Councilman Johnson's request for ideas on how to connect the Highline Canal Multi-use path to South Mountain Park with a bicycle and pedestrian route, I have proposed an upgrade to an existing maintenance trail that connects the intersection of South Seventh Street and Mineral Road to the east edge of the parking lot of the Park Activities Center. An initial design was done by Traffic Engineering and reviewed by Parks and Recreation. The cost would be about $130,000 and funding remains the missing ingredient.

To show the desire among users of the park, I have been soliciting names and signatures. Some post cards supporting this have already been mailed to Councilman Johnson. Many more cards and survey results are attached. These were collected primarily during two Silent Sundays at the Park as well as the recent Bike and Run Classic event held on March 10 at the Park.

Note that users of the park include residents of Phoenix District 8, as well as other Phoenix residents, residents of the Valley of the Sun, other Arizona cities and other states and countries. While here, these people do, in fact, produce a positive economic impact on the area by buying food, merchandise and other amenities. Silent Sundays are a magnet to citizens and visitors alike.

South Mountain Park is the largest municipal park in the world and is worthy of its distinction of being a “Phoenix Point of Pride”. Providing a safe entrance to the Park that also connects to one of the major Bike/Pedestrian paths of Phoenix is truly needed and worthy of being funded.


Gene Holmerud

District 8 Resident

Cycling safety instructor

Phoenix Political Pedal Power (“P4”) is on FaceBook and may be contacted by email to <>. P4 is associated with Arizona Bicycle Club, a 501(C)4 organization.


An on-bike video of entering South Mountain Park is viewable at <>.  The attachment is a revision of the handout to give to anyone that uses the park.


Here is my email to Mayor Stanton and Councilman Johnson

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From: Gene Holmerud

Sent: 01/09/12 02:10 AM


Subject: Fw: A Better Way to Cycle to South Mountain Park

Honorable Councilman Johnson:

Below is the email I just sent to Mayor Stanton to let him know of the project for a better cycling entrance to South Mountain Park.  I have created a handout (attached) to measure the suport amung cyclists that actualy use the existing Central Avenue entrance.  Hopefully you will receive many inquiries  and we will have an item to discuss.

Gene Holmerud
Phoenix Political Pedal Power


----- Original Message -----

From: Gene Holmerud

Sent: 01/09/12 01:46 AM


Subject: A Better Way to Cycle to South Mountain Park

Honorable Mayor Greg Stanton:

You are already aware of some of my desires for safe and enjoyable cycling in Phoenix.  A while back Councilman Johnson asked a group of cyclists if we had an idea for a way of getting to South Mountain Park from the enhanced Highline Canal path.  That would be a benefit to the many cyclists that daily enter the Park via Central Ave since, at the park entrance, Central is but a two-lane road without shoulders and is uphill around a blind curve.  The idea for an alernative came to me a few months ago when I remembered being bused to one of the February Cancer Climbs many years ago.  The bus used a poorly graded "road" that entered the park at 7th St & Mineral Road (near the Mystery Castle).

I presented the idea to Councilman Johnson and City Traffic Engineering.  Traffic Engineering recognized the worth of this alternate entrance and did a preliminary design.  Parks and Recreation has agreed to the idea.  Now the issue is funding.  I realize allocating between $120,000 and $150,000 for grading and paving in these times is tough.

The safety of this new idea is the main reason for it.  To show how much public interest there is in this project, I am going to encourage cyclists that now use Central Avenue to enter the park to express their support to you and to Councilman Johnson.  The attached document is the handout I will use.

In the handout, I mention Silent Sundays which is the no-cars-allowed event (each 4th Sunday, beyond the Activities Center) that is one of the jewels of Phoenix.  It provides a calm, peaceful trip through nature to unmatched vistas and fun hiking, cycling and just enjoying life.  That monthly event alone is worthy of a safer way to enjoy it.

Gene Holmerud
Phoenix Political Pedal Power
1549 E Desert Dr
Phoenix AZ 85042



Please print the attached and hand out to anyone you know that rides to So Mountain Park via Central Ave.


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