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Summer Fluid Adjustments
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During the summer months I use Powerade Zero in the water bottles. I add a pinch of kosher salt. I not a distinct difference for the better after good rides when I add the pitch of salt in the summer. During the winter months I use just straight water because Im not sweating nearly as much even during the hardest rides.


While Powerade and Gatorade provide well over 100mgs of sodium per serving adding a pitch of salt keeps your sodium levels at or above where they need to be while riding in a dry hot climate. Sport drinks pack sodium into their products so you'll have to experiment or forego the pinch altogether. They also pack a lot of sugar into their products. While you do need glucose and do burn it during rides, that amount, if consumed in abundance can and will work against you. In my case, as a type II diabetic who occasionally uses insulin a zero sugar product allows more precise dietary control. The current crop of sports drinks not only taste good, but work very well. Why you should use them is to replace the electrolytes you're burring during workouts (rides). But using them just walking or sitting as a replacement for water can work against you because of the additional calories, sugars, and sodium you're consuming and not working off.

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