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Get your Cycling Confidence Boosted
Having fun cycling? We all do. Confidence and safety adds to that fun and enjoyment. Yes, you can learn more about boosting your confidence from expert instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists, the country's premier cycling advocacy and safety education association. The class is presented in two parts. The first is in a classroom where you learn the Arizona laws that apply to cyclists and motorists alike, what causes crashes and how to anticipate and avoid them, and how to do simple maintenance on your bicycle to keep your rides hassle free. That session is Wednesday evening, January 15, beginning at 6PM. The second session is Saturday morning, January 18, beginning at 9AM and you will learn riding skills in a protected parking lot. These skills are for you to use should others encroach into your safe space. We also do an easy-paced group ride of about eight supervised miles for you to practice your new skills on the road. Finally, we do a written test that is itself a learning experience. Both sessions meet at 740 W Grant St., just south of downtown Phoenix. Fee is $20, but each participant will receive a very useful cycling accessory at graduation time ($5+ value). Space limits us to 15 participants.

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