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Phoenix Political Pedal Power (P4)

Phonix Pedestrian / Bicycle Ad Hoc Task Force
The Task Force had its initial meeting today.  The Mayor and Council previously approved these eleven Phoenicians as members:

Bob Pane 
Mr. Pane is an avid cyclist in Phoenix and averages 100 miles per week on his bike. He 
resides in District 2. 
Leslie Dornfeld 
Ms. Dornfeld is a city planner and the owner of PLAN-et. She is the author of MAG 
Complete Streets Policy and worked with jurisdictions on multi-modal designs as part of 
the staff MAG pedestrian working group. She resides in District 3. 
Haley Tilden Ritter 
Ms. Tilden Ritter is involved in numerous bike advocacy groups, and she is an avid bike 
rider herself. She resides in District 5. 
Susan Bookspan 
Ms. Bookspan served on the USA Cycling Board of Directors and is an AZ Cycling task 
force member. She is a presenter for the Safe Kids Coalition and Pro Walk/Pro Bike 
and resides in District 6. 
Libby Coyner 
Ms. Coyner is an avid cyclist and attended the United Bike Institute. She is also an 
active member of Phoenix Spokes People. She resides in District 7. 
Gene Holmerud 
Mr. Holmerud is a bike safety instructor, member of the COP Complete Streets 
Committee, and board member of the Arizona Bicycle Club. He resides in District 8. 
Bob Boschee 
Mr. Boschee is a life long cyclist and has raised funds for charity cycling events. He will 
serve as an at-large member. 
Erika Keenan 
Ms. Keenan served on the Laveen Village Planning Commission and attended the COP 
Bike Summit. She will serve as an at-large member. 
Edward Jensen 
Mr. Jensen is the committee chair for Downtown Voices Coalition for Bicycling and 
Sustainable Transportation. He will serve as an at-large member. 
Feliciano Vera 
Mr. Vera served on the Transit 2000 Committee and the Urban Land Institute 
Transportation and Housing Subcommittee. He is involved in Reinvent Phoenix and will 
serve as an at-large member. 
Robert Dalager 
Mr. Dalager serves on the Citizen’s Transit Commission and is an avid bike rider in 
Phoenix. He resides in District 4. 

Meetings will be open to the public through March.  They will be in the 5th Floor conference room of City Hall on the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 4PM to 6PM.