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The Pacer 4 group (also known as the "irresistible 4s") has been an important part of the Granada Chapter of the Arizona Bicycle Club since 1991.

We prefer not to be referred to as the "slowest" group, but as the "most relaxed" group.

The group's motto could be summarized as "The restaurant's not running away from us, so we're not chasing it down." We typically ride at a pace of 12-14 MPH, but we do have a firm "no rider left behind" policy, so anyone who starts with us won't get dropped or abandoned (well, intentionally, anyway.)

We try to offer a variety of interesting routes between Granada Park and our restaurant destinations. For most of our usual routes, we typically ride residential streets, lower-volume collector streets, or canal pathways.

We welcome families, fast riders who want a bit of a easier pace, slower more-relaxed riders looking for a friendly group, and most everyone in between. We especially strive to give newer riders a welcoming experience. As for bikes? You might see recumbents, road bikes, cruisers, folding bikes, or something even more interesting.

For more information, e-mail Richard at

Hope to see you soon!

Richard C. Moeur, Pacer 4 Leader
Tom Beatson, Pacer 4 Deputy Leader
Steve Simons, Pacer 4 Deputy Leader