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Leading ABC Rides
In order to lead ABC Rides, you must:
Be an ABC member in good standing
Register attendance
Manage liability
Naturally, you will also want to promote your ride.  This Ride Leader Workshop is intended to help you do all these things using the club's web site.  This workshop is not intended to address "leadership" issues that invariably come up during rides.  It is focused on the administrative aspects of leading an ABC ride.  Basically, what happens before and after the ride but not what happens during the ride.    
As a member of ABC you have a login and password which provides access to "members-only" portions of the site.  In your role as a ride leader, you must have administrative permission for a variety of functions.  These rights are granted by the president of ABC and may be revoked if misused.  Contact the club president for any authorization issues. 
What is a club ride?  
Club rides fall into two categories (as dictated by our insurance)
1) Rides which are open to the public for which we charge a fee
Rides in this category are special events.  Examples include:  Wickenburg Overnighter, ABC Desert Classic, Grand Canyon Weekend, ABC McDowell Mountain Ride.  
This type of ride is not addressed in this workshop.  
2) Member rides for which no fee is charged
Sometimes referred to as "Chapter Rides" these rides typically reoccur more often than annually, perhaps weekly or monthly.  
Non-members may ride as a guest of the club and are covered under our insurance ONLY FOR THEIR FIRST RIDE.  
Non-members who have ridden as a guest of the club are allowed to ride but are not covered by the club's insurance.
Create a web page for your ride.  
A web page can help you communicate the details of your rides
You can either use an existing page or request a new page
When you have permission to edit a web page you will see a pencil icon on the toolbar
Clicking on the pencil icon will invoke an editor
The editor offers a choice of WYSIWYG design mode or HTML editor
Add pictures to improve appeal
  1. How can I use a chapter web page on to promote rides?
  2. What does the club's insurance cover?
  3. How do I deal with liability?
  4. How do we handle non-members? 
  5. What if there is an accident?
  6. What will the club do to reward me for my efforts?
  7. What about a pre-ride briefing?
I think these are opportunities to promote the club. I think that when we discover that people are not members, at a ride, at a social event, or even just out riding around (apparently Gene was good at this), we need to be prepared to explain to them the value of membership and attempt to get them to support the club. I would like the club to appear to be a warm and welcoming organization and I would not want to create a bad impression by coming down hard on someone who clearly doesn't fully understand the situation.

Here is the text of a message which can be sent to non-member (guest) riders:

[Insert Name Here],
It was a pelasure havng you ride with the [Chapter Name Here] chapter of the Arizona Bicycle Club as our guest. We would love to have you join ABC and ride with us regularly and participate in some of our special events. I encourage you to check out our website at Please visit the "Benefits of Membership" page for a summary of the great things the club has to offer. By joining ABC, you are supporting an organization which has been working to keep bicycling fun in Arizona since 1964. Joining ABC online is easy and secure. Basic membership is only $25.00 per year. As a member, you are covered by our insurance when you ride on regular chapter rides. When you ride with us as a guest, you are only covered for your first ride.

On our online calendar, you can find entries for our Wickenburg Overnighter this month, The Desert Classic in April, the Grand Canyon Overnighter in August, and the McDowell Mountain Ride in November. New chapter rides are being added to the calendar all the time, so keep checking back. You can also find us on Facebook as "AZBikeClub". On Facebook, there is a link to a YouTube video there that you might enjoy.

Again, thanks for the ride. See you on the 'net or on the road.

[ride leader's name here]

Arizona Bicycle Club?

Club events where the club has liability insurance and the participants have accident insurance fall into one of two categories:

Those for which no fee is charged-- ABC members and first time guests are covered

-The event must have a leader and be attended by at least two other club members
-A signed waiver of liability for any and all participating non-members must be obtained by the ride leader prior to the event
-Notice of the ride must be generally available to club members, it may be announced on the chapter web page, the club online calendar or some similar means
-A roster of all participants must be available to the Ride Coordinator after the event


For club events for which a fee is charged and are open to the public--All participants are covered 
-All the same criteria must be met as above.

-Additionally, an event for which a fee is charged must be approved by a vote of the board of directors at least 30 days prior to the event


What is covered and the limits are detailed at:


-Add photos to a chapter album

-Edit the chapter web page to display photos from the chapter album or link YouTube videos

-Put rides on the online calendar

-Share AzBikeClub calendar events via Facebook

-Log attendance and mileage


-Hand out business cards (Available from the club) directing riders to the club web site.  Put your contact information on the cards.



Contact the Ride Coordinator and provide the ride date and time and a roster of participants along with the accident details and witness contact information. 
For each ride that fits the definition of a club ride and is posted on the club's online calendar and attendance and mileage is logged, the club will credit the ride leader's account one (1) dollar. These credits can be applied to your membership renewal or spent on club merchandise. These credits may not be redeemed for cash. 

  • What about a pre-ride briefing?
. Arrive at the start on time
2. Check that riders have helmets, water, and tire repair essentials
3. Sign in riders on waiver form
-use ABC Individual Waiver to gather data including email and emergency contact information for entry into non-member database

--use American Specialty Multi-line waiver to track attendence for members and non-members with indiviaual waivers on file (signature not required) and name and signatures for non-members without individual waivers
-if the ride leader will keep the individual waivers on file, the non-member will not have to sign in each ride and the club will have enough information to communicate with the non-member
-scanned images of individual waivers can eliminate the need to maintain hard copies
4. Brief the ride and announce any post ride activities
-The route, rest stops and regroup points
-Follow the rules of the road. Observe traffic control
-Use the buddy system
-Leaving the ride early
-Communicate with other riders
-Every rider should be responsible for themselves
-Give Business cards to new riders
-ABC quickcheck (Air, Brakes, Chain)
-Reset computer
5. Carry an Incident Report Form to be completed in the event on an accident with bodily injury